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ARSIC Child Rights Course Series .

A multidisciplinary educational journey through children’s rights!

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Welcome to the ARSIC Child Rights Online Course Series, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational journey designed to empower individuals and professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. This course series offers an in-depth exploration of children's rights, providing participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to advocate for and implement child rights in various contexts. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, our courses will enhance your understanding and application of children's rights principles in real life and work.

Who is it for? This course series is tailored to professionals at all career stages, including child rights professionals, NGO and government workers, policymakers, donors, academics, researchers, students, visual artists, storytellers, and child rights activists. If you have a common interest and motivation to critically analyze children's rights and create a world where all children have enhanced opportunities to thrive, this program is for you.


What to expect? Over 6 modules, you will dive deep into key areas of child rights advocacy, programming, evaluation, and more. Each week focuses on a specific module, allowing you to explore various dimensions of children's rights and gain practical expertise. From understanding the foundations of children's rights to new trends, including the potential of new technologies, this program covers it all!

Six Modules.

Running over 5 months, modules cover the following topics:

Module 1:  Foundations of Children's Rights

Module 2:  Monitoring and Measuring Children's Rights

Module 3:  Child Rights-based Programming and Project Design

Module 4:  Child Rights Advocacy and Campaigning

Module 5:  Evaluation of Child Rights Programs and Projects

Module 6:  Children's Rights: New trends and challenges 

In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge in these thematic areas, each module of the Child Rights Practitioner Course will provide ample opportunities for critical reflection on the challenges and complexities associated with the international concept of child rights and protection work within current development and humanitarian practices.

Course Conten
6 months modules

Course Arrangements. 

Individual self-paced learning

Access a wide range of resources including reading materials, pre-recorded webinars, instructions, tools, and growth assignments. All materials will remain accessible to you even after the course concludes.

Small group work

Group work assignments: Work in small groups to apply learned concepts in practice during the 3rd and 4th week of each module. Receive personalized written feedback and participate in a joint session at the end of the 4th week

Plenary sessions

Engage in in-depth discussions on specific topics, uncover patterns, and address challenges of children's rights.

Experts/guest speakers

Benefit from insights shared by invited experts through podcasts or roundtable discussions. These sessions will be recorded and publicly accessible for live or later review.

Deep-dive sessions

Collaborate with participants in breakout rooms based on shared interests and time zones, allowing for focused exploration of topics.

Time flexibility

Weekly Deliverables: Materials will be delivered weekly, starting on Mondays, and requiring completion by Sunday evening of the same week. However, you have the flexibility to manage your time. We recommend dedicating at least 5 to 7 hours per week to reflection and completing the reflective assignments.

Enrollmnt Options
Anchor 1

Passionate about human and child rights, Dr. Anita Ramsak is the driving force behind the Child Rights Practitioner Course. With extensive experience spanning four continents and over 20 countries, while collaborating with institutions such as the United Nations, governments, and non-profit organizations, Dr. Ramsak has collected a wealth of experience working in the field of child rights.

Among others, she has advised a number of governments in developing effective child protection systems and authored several child rights monitoring reports for United Nations mechanisms. She has been working with UN agencies to ensure the safety of migrant children and carried out several evaluations and designs of international projects and programmes for renowned organizations like UNICEF and Save the Children.

Equipped with a Ph.D. in Social Sciences, a Master's in Human Rights, and a Bachelor's in Communication Sciences, Dr. Ramsak brings a well-rounded academic background to the course. Currently based between Indonesia and Kenya, she operates at the local, regional, and global levels, enriching the course with diverse perspectives.

"I am excited about this program, as it presents a platform, where I can share my knowledge, experiences, network and skills with a passionate community of practitioners. Together, we will explore how to apply international and regional children's rights standards in our work, while critically examining current development efforts and power dynamics. This program also allows me to learn from a diverse group of global practitioners who are dedicated to creating a world that prioritizes the well-being of children.'      Dr. Anita Ramsak

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A selected list assignments she has been leading is available here.

She worked  in a consultancy role for:


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Key perks of joining 6-module course
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Gain in-depth insights into children's rights from various angles.

  • Practical Application: Equip yourself with tools for real-world impact in your career or activism.

  • Networking: Connect with diverse experts, leaders, and change-makers in the field.

  • ARSIC Alumni Network: Priority access to future programs and global opportunities.

  • Global Impact: Contribute to and benefit from international collaborations for children's rights.

  • Tailored Learning: Customize your journey to match your needs and availability.

  •  Mentorship: Learn from seasoned experts in the field.

  • Certification: Enhance your credentials and show your commitment.

  • Inspiration: Ignite your passion alongside like-minded advocates.

  • Holistic Approach: Embrace a well-rounded perspective on children's rights for diverse settings.

Curated Experience. 

Given the length, intensity, and specific nature of the course, and our strong desire to foster a supportive learning community where participants can fully share their skills, experiences, and insights, we will carefully review all applications. If deemed necessary, we may also request a short discussion with applicants to ensure that their expectations align with what the course can offer. If you have any questions, contact us at

Enrollment Options.

We understand you are busy, so we developed different enrollment options: 

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Full 6-module course

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-21 at 8.43.56 PM.jpeg

Single Module

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By enrolling in our full 6-module program, you'll gain access to all six modules, providing you with a comprehensive grasp of child rights and their practical applications across diverse contexts.

Furthermore, you'll become a valued member of the ARSIC alumni network, entitling you to priority access and exclusive benefits for future training opportunities, networking events, and global engagements with ARSIC and our worldwide community.*

Choose a single 3-week module, but remember, all participants in single modules must attend the two-week Child Rights Foundational Module (included in the price).

Applications for single modules closes one month before. Seats are limited, so apply early. 

We are offering free access to our 6-module course to three individuals. Two seats are reserved for candidates from Kenya and Indonesia, and one for candidates from other countries of the global south. We will prioritize candidates dedicated to improving children's lives and with those we see potential for future collaboration with ARSIC Social Impact Consulting. Applications currently closed.

About th Instructor

Payment Plans.

Pricing Options.

Full Course 
Early Bird

1.500 USD

Full Course 
Single Payment

1.800 USD

Full Course 
​3 Instalments

2.100 USD

Single Module
Limited Places

350 USD

Dates coming soon!

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