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A purpose-driven consulting firm that works across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to advance collective social impact, human rights and gender equality.
We focus on collaborative and innovative public problem-solving that spans boundaries across sectors and domains, with the aim to build new bridges & explore new innovative ways to co-create a world in which everyone can thrive.

Our consultancy services span across the following pillars: 

Public & non-for-profit consulting
Social Impact Training Platform

With ambition to expand the services in the next two years to:
Web3 for social impact & Better Future Programme
Private sector consulting

With the offices in Indonesia and Kenya, we are working with a range of clients on three continents and in several countries.

People behind.

Founder & Director

Dr. Anita is a social impact and human rights specialist, with a vast experience working on complex public social challenges across four continents and more than 20 countries while co-operating with a number of leading social impact institutions, ranging from the United Nations, governments, non-for-profits to community groups. 

She has a multidisciplinary academic perspective on global social challenges, acquired through her PhD in Social Sciences, Masters in Human Rights, Bachelors in Communication Sciences, and Diploma in International Development from different universities across Europe. These are complemented with sustainability and social impact certificates from leading training institutions in the field. 

She is based between Indonesia and Kenya, and is working locally, regionally and globally. 

She is also intrigued by sunsets, good waves, and happy endings.

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Operational team.

A small but effective team is in charge of ensuring that all processes run smoothly.

Operational Team.

Powered by women. 
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Helping hand in all the aspects 

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Sharing our stories and connecting stakeholders to make impact 

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Making sure accounting and tax runs like a clock

Extensive hands-on experiences in research, evaluation, and program development across the globe to address some of the key public social challenges.

Believing in co-creation, collaboration, and learning

across sectors,

countries, continents,


Evidence-based and transformative

research to inform

decisions that bring lasting value to our clients and the world.

Putting purpose and integrity at the core of our work.

Do you want to scale your social impact to the next level? 

Contact us for information session. 


Investments in social impact as essential long-term strategic business response and unlimited opportunity for accelerating change that benefits people and the planet while driving the company’s business value.

Targeted, transformative opportunities and solutions for scaling up the social impact with a long-term perspective in mind.

Expert team.

We have a strong network of trusted and respected associates and industry and sector experts, mobilised to work on different assignments. This allows us to deliver a high quality service on each assignment and fully align needed expertise with clients’ expectations, needs, goals and deadlines.

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