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Anita Ramsak

Boutique Social Impact Consulting. 

With a purpose-driven mission, our aim is to drive collective social impact, champion human rights, and promote gender equality.
Welcome to ARSIC Social Impact Consulting, your global partner for purpose-driven change.

ARSIC Social Impact Consulting is a purpose-driven global consulting group that operates across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Our core mission is to advance collective social impact, human rights, and gender equality. With registered entities in both Indonesia and Kenya, we collaborate with diverse clients spanning four continents and multiple countries. 

Our work revolves around providing strategic advice and capacity building on interconnected areas of human rights and social impact, encompassing gender equality and women's empowerment, children's rights and child protection, migration and displacement, and social protection, labor rights and responsible businesses. We are also exploring the application of Web 3.0 technologies for Social Impact. 

Public and Nonprofit

Empowering change and strategic decision-making  through advisory, evaluation, and research

Social Impact
Training Platform.

Versatile platform for building the skills, knowledge, and expertise  in the realms of human rights, gender equality, and social impact—both online and offline.

WEB 3.0 for Social

Exploring the power of Web3 solutions to drive progress in areas such as human rights, gender equality, and social impact. Join us in shaping a better future 3.0.

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Our research and analysis empower informed decision-making and policy formulation to foster an environment that champions human rights, gender equality, and social impact.

Supporting organizations in ensuring that their human rights and gender equality efforts are evidence-based, effective, and accountable. Through our services, we equip organizations with the insights and knowledge necessary to drive meaningful change and attain positive outcomes.

We offer a specialized advisory and support service that helps organizations, governments, and businesses promote gender equality and social inclusion in their policies, programs, and practices.


We focus on enhancing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals, organizations, and communities to effectively promote and uphold human rights and gender equality - offline & online.

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Global Reach.
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Selected Assignments.



Developing effective anti-trafficking responses

Supporting design of effective anti-trafficking responses from national to community level. 

Pakistan, India 

Addressing child labour through system strengthening

Evaluating effectiveness of system to address child labor and feeding into regional learning.


Supporting accountability & adaptive learning in Myanmar

Working with community-based organizations to  support learning and adaptative management in a high crisis-context. 


Protecting children in migration

Research to support evidence-based policy and programme response to strengthen protection of children on the move.


Drafting UN confidential report on children's rights 

Progress, gaps and recommendations to inform UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Good practices in integrative programming

What we can learn from 20 programs across four continents on integrating gender equality gender-based violence and women, pace & security? 

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