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Social Enterprise & Start-Up's

Enterprenurals for Social Impact

ERSI - Enterprenurals for Social Impact – is our pro bono programme, through which we offer free of charge consultancy services and support to aspiring enterprenurals and start-ups based in Indonesia aiming to advance the social impact and human rights through their business operations.


We offer the following free-of-charge services: 

Impact mind-set

Supporting you to integrate impact management & measurement framework into your business from a start to enhance learning, credibility and scale. 

Our approach looks into investments in social impact as an essential long-term strategic business response and unlimited opportunity for accelerating change that benefits people and the planet while driving the company's business value.

Evidence-based research 

We have strong knowledge in internationally agreed frameworks, including human rights (UN Global Compact) and Sustainable Development Goals, which can present guidance in ensuring no harm when doing business and searching for local solutions to address global public challenges. 

Technical research and support to get the idea off the ground. Supporting you in validating your ideas and products, ensuring that they are profitable, but also respect and integrate relevant human rights standards, ensuring a good and credible foundation of your business. 

Expert mentors & facilitators

We are all about bringing different actors and sector together and co-creating in order to move the wheel needed for long-lasting, sustainable change, ranging from companies, governments, knowledge institutes to communities and individuals with power and leverage. Initiating a small change at the community level, but looking and advocating for actions to support the changes in the wider ecosystem, impacting more people, more communities …

Offering mentorships or connecting you with other expert mentors and leaders in their industry to support you in your growth.

Network support & Partner Connection

Working with an open, inquisitive and business-oriented mindset and action-oriented strategic frames supported by in-depth analysis and scientific approach to data.  

Supporting you to scale your network and get connected with the right partners, including businesses, impact investors, international mentors, media, NGOs and venture capital.

PR/Brand exposure

We are committed not only to support you in the change but also ensuring that you have systems and knowledge in a place that you can tell your story to the world, ensuring that your clients and stakeholders acknowledge and reward you for your efforts towards achieving social impact. 

Engaging external agencies and partners to support you in accelerating your brand and exposure for an improved position on the market. 

The final package of support and the scope will be determined

at the beginning of our cooperation. 

ERSI Programme

Social enterprises and start-ups based/registered in Indonesia. 

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle a range of social problems, with the following criteria leading our selection: 

Start-up/ enterprise/company has a: 

  • social purpose as its primary objective;

  • has a commercially viable business model; 

  • invest great share of its efforts and resources into the social purpose/social cause;

  • has passionate and capable management, open and willing to be held accountable for social and financial returns.

Priority social issues for selection:  

  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment  

  • Migration and displacement related issues 

  • Employment acceleration

  • Social inclusion and diversity

You feel you are responding to the criteria well? 

Who is eligible?

Thanks for submitting!

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