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Human Rights Policy & Practice

Evidence-based research and knowledge production to
tackle pressing human rights challenges

Research, evaluation, analysis to inform initiatives, programme and public sectors reforms from a human rights and equity perspective.

Years of hands-on work with allies across the globe to support them to understand and overcome some of the pressing social and human rights challenges of this time, in more than 25 countries across three continents.  The clients include United Nation Agencies, business, non-profits, foundations, government, institutions, and collectives. 


Featured Projects and Services

Portfolio of selected past and current assignments 

Research and analysis in the field of employment, education and migration  

Collective bargaining a possible solution for improving working standards of self-employed, including platform workers? 


Contributing to the study on European Commission study on gender behaviour and its impact on education outcomes with a special focus on the performance of boys and young men in education. 

European Commission 



Comprehensive research on  economic migrant, trafficking and refugee children in Kingdom of Swaziland from legislative review to protection risks to inform responses and develop programmes for their protection. 


]Save the Children Swaziland 


A study for European Parliament on youth employment in Slovenia, placed in the European and comparative perspective.


European Parliament 


Public systems reforms from an equity and human rights perspective 

Strengthening social protection system and professionalization of social service workforce in Timor-Leste to be able to better respond to the needs of most vulnerable children and their families.


Ministry of Social Solidarity in Timor Leste 

Timor Leste

Reviving and developing comprehensive legislative and policy proposal to improve the quality of social work responses through social, educational and health sectors in Kazakhstan.


Ministry of Social Solidarity in


UNICEF Kazakhstan


Analysing Thailand legal and policy framework and practice on the protection of refugee and migrant children and assessing the possibility to withdraw its reservation of Article 22 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, limiting its protection responsibilities. 


UNICEF Thailand


Impact and outcome evaluations

Review results and impact of the programme and facilitate learning for improved responsible agribusiness investments to transform opportunities for marginalised women and men in the agriculture sector in South East Asia and Pakistan. 


Oxfam Thailand

South East Asia

Harvesting outcomes, assessing impact and facilitate learnings on most effective interventions to safeguard rights and improving protection for refugees and at-risk migrants across Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand And Myanmar


Fortify Rights


South East Asia

Working with The International Trade Union Confederation - Asia Pacific to map good practices and lessons learned in strengthening Women and Youth Leadership Within the Trade Union Movement for Decent Work in Asia Pacific. 


The International Trade Union Confederation - Asia Pacific

South East Asia

Evaluation of EU-supported program aiming to ensure equal access of persons with disabilities to basic social services and local participatory processes in under-resourced areas of Myanmar, funded by the European Union.

Humanity and Inclusion 


Evaluating project and assessing good practices in improving re-integration and access to services for return migrants in Albania.


Terres des hommes


Human rights analysis, monitoring, and reporting

Preparation of short situational analysis of children’s and women’s rights, including determining key bottlenecks, barriers and enablers as well as priority strategies and Pprogramming responses for UNICEF and Governments. 



Central Asia

Analysing situation of children and women in Moldova across sectors and rights to support the development of UNICEF's programmes, advocacy and to inform policy dialogues. 

UNICEF Moldova 


Drafting of the UNICEF confidential report on the implementation of the rights of children in Swaziland/Eswatini submitted to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. The report includes an extensive section on violence against children and women.


Drafting UN confidential report on the implementation of the rights of children in Eswatini to inform recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. 


UNICEF Swaziland / Eswatini


Facilitating learnings across the government and drafting Albania’s official periodic report on the implementation of the children's rights submitted to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. Following a road map of priority implementation. 

Government of Albania

UNICEF Albania


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