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Ongoing Courses.

Social Impact
Training Hub.

An online and offline training and capacity-building platform for all things human rights, gender equality and social impact-related. 

Now available...

ARSIC Training Hub on a brand-new platform!

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the ARSIC Social Impact Training Hub on a brand-new, enhanced platform!  


Join us as we unveil our signature Child Rights Course Series, designed to empower professionals at all career stages.  


Experience transformative learning with updated content and new features that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to drive meaningful change. 


Enroll now and join us in making a significant impact in the lives of children around the world!

Trainings for institutions

In-house offline, blended or online trainings designed for specific needs of social impact organisations (public, private and non-for-profit) on all things related to human rights, social impact, and gender equality.

Trainings for individuals

Online and offline trainings targeting professionals (or those in the making) in all stages of their career, aimed to support them in strengthening their knowledge, and particularly, practical skills when working in the sphere of human rights and gender equality.

Current offerings for individuals

ARSIC Child Rights Online Course Series

A multidisciplinary educational journey through children’s rights! 

Course Application Opens: 15.06.2024 

Early Bird Deadline: 01.08. 2024 

Final Application Deadline: 15.09.2024 

Fellowship Deadline: 15.07.2024 

Current offerings for institutions

Gender mainstreaming course 

Face-to-face or online options available

Gender mainstreaming, if implemented systematically, contributes to changing attitudes toward gender equality and  improves understanding how integrating gender equality increases the effectiveness of organizational initiatives, facilitates more efficient and inclusive actions and creates a positive change in our and our partners attitudes.

This course, specifically designed for your institution, will include:

  • Gender capacity assessment to identify capacity building and knowledge-sharing needs, which will be followed by the development of the Gender Capacity Development Plan to guide the capacity enhancement of your staff and partners on gender mainstreaming across the institution;

  • Concrete methods and tools, specifically designed to the originations needs, to mainstream gender equality, followed by the step-by-step guidance on how and when to use gender mainstreaming tools, taking account of individual circumstances and areas of responsibility;

  • Provide follow-up support and mentoring.

Designing effective rights-based monitoring, evaluation and learning systems

Face-to-face or online options available

This course will build your organization’s capacity in the area of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL). Effective MEAL system results in improved evidence-based decision making, better transparency and accountability, enhance organization's learning ability and its ability to detect and respond to problems early, while it ensures that the resources are used efficiently.

This course, adjusted to specific needs of your organisation, will include:
  • Assessment of the organization's and its staff’s and partners’ current MEAL capacities and existing frameworks;
  • Participatory design of organisation-wide MEAL plan, using practical and organization-specific adjusted tools; 
  • Capacity building plan through to increase the understanding of MEAL, test their new knowledge through case-based scenarios and develop and enhance their ability to track the progress and impact of their projects using developed tools;
  • Provide follow-up support and mentoring.

Human Rights-Based Programming (HRBA)

The course will provide organizations guidance on how to apply a culturally sensitive, gender-responsive, human rights-based approach to programming. HRBA to programming presents an active and conscious integration of human rights in all aspects of programming.

The course will:
  • Deepen your organisation's understanding of the principles, practices and policies that underpin a rights-based approach to designing programmes and plans;
  • Provide organization with tools to integrate rights-based approaches in planning, implementation and project/program evaluations;
  • Provide follow-up support and mentoring.
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