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Boutique Social Impact Consulting Firm

Collaborative and innovative social problem-solving that spans boundaries across the business, non-for-profit and government sector. 

 Inclusive & Responsible Businesses. 

 Working with bold companies to advance social impact & human rights across the spectrum. 


to create enabling and thriving environment for responsible and inclusive business. 

Research, advocacy and, 
Co-creating with companies

to leverage their potential to advance social impact and human rights. 

Supporting private philanthropic efforts &
impact investments

to create sustainable change and maximise (social) return on investment.

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Evidence-based Research & Advisory

 To support effective decision-making in favour of advancing social impact and human rights for all.  


By Oxfam in partnership with WEAVE, BHHCR, Elevate and ISEA. 

Evaluation & monitoring
for impact 
Strengthening Women and Youth Leadership
Within the Trade Union Movement for
Decent Work
Reseach on good practices

International Trade Union Confederation – Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP)

European Commission - DG Employment

Policy advice 
Impact assessment of a possible
EU initiative related to the application of competition rules to collective bargaining
by self-employed - platform workers
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Social Impact Consulting  
is a purpose-driven consulting company working with various stakeholders to advance social impact and human rights in the private sector and world of work and  beyond.

. Co-creation. Innovation. 

Social Impact & Sustainability Strategies 

Human Rights Due Diligence & Reporting

Human Rights Due Diligence & Reporting

Social Sector Reform  & 

Legal and Policy Advice 

Monitoring & Evaluation of impacts and outcomes

Human Rights & Equity-based Research and Programming 

Cross-cutting issues.

Gender equality

& women

economic empowerment 

Human Rights


Climate change & climate resilience 

New technologies, including AI & blockchain 

Digital division 


Development Goals

Global reach.
Trusted by.

Global Reach

Global reach.
Trusted by.

Social Sector Reform  & 

Legal and Policy Advice 

Evaluation of outcomes/impacts 

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The Story 

Social Impact Strategy & 

Sustanability Strategy 

Social enterprise & start-up support!

Pro-bono support for start-ups with

social mission based in Indonesia.

Careers & Opportunities

Responsible & Inclusive Value Chains

Business and Social Impact

Human Rights Researach


Human Rights due

Diligence & Reporting 

Social Impact Fellowship

Paid fellowships for aspiring leaders,

students or other change-makers

based in Indonesia.


Tel:    +62 361 2003238

Evaluation of outcomes/impacts

Social impact starter KIT!

Exploration and advisory services for companies exploring to integrate social

impact and human rights into their business.

Social Sector Reform and

Legal and Policy Advise 

Human Rights & Equity-based

Research and Programming

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